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“These are the songs that stick with you and touch chords in your own psyche.” Zac Cataldo, Black Cloud Publishing

1. Two Tire Fire
2. Shine
3. Lost in Boston
4. Not My Job
5. Children’s Books
6. Program of Life
7. Living Contradiction
8. Hobos in Disguise
9. I’ll Come Back to you Again
10. If I Close My Eyes
11. Let’s Say Goodbye

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A seasoned biker bar musician, Rockin’ Ed now devotes his time to writing and performing songs about subjects that he is passionate about. He is not interested in writing clever formula ‘hit’ songs. He tackles living in today’s times with a unique wit and soul. His influences include Bob Dylan, Beatles (John’s songwriting and George’s guitar) with a huge dose of Dan Bern (Rockin’ Ed’s hero).

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