“Alternative Folk Music with a Rocky Edge that Makes You Think and Feel!”

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“Sometimes a little poison can be a cure – like a lonely quick walk through hell can make a guy pure”.  If I Close my Eyes, Copyright 2016, Rockin’ Ed Thomas

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Rockin' Ed Thomas 

“A fantastically fun album. There is nobody else on the music scene quite like him.” Bill Copeland Music News

“Rockin’ Ed’s music doesn’t pull any punches – it’s real, gritty and true.” Zac Cataldo, Black Cloud Publishing

  “Friggin guy still owes me five bucks!*^@&$@!” Jimmy John Johnny

A seasoned biker bar musician, Rockin’ Ed now devotes his time to writing and performing songs about subjects that he is passionate about. He is not interested in writing clever formula ‘hit’ songs. He tackles global warming, reincarnation and society in general with a unique wit and soul. His influences include Bob Dylan, Beatles (John’s songwriting and George’s guitar) with a huge dose of Dan Bern (Rockin’ Ed’s hero).

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